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Coyote Grille: Graduation Catering 101

Graduation Party 101

With the changing season comes an exciting moment for many high school and college students: graduation! This wonderful and highly anticipated time calls for a major celebration. Whether you’re planning to have an intimate get together at home or would prefer to host the party at a different location, we look forward to accommodating your needs in a variety of ways. Coyote Grille has prepared two special menus geared towards the graduation season: one will feature various finger foods and the other will spotlight our fiesta fajita bar. If staying in is more your speed, our catering service is available to take the stress out of planning your event.

Fajita Bar $16.00/pp

Chips / Salsa
Fajita Bar – choice of Chicken or Steak or Portobello
Tortillas Rice and Beans
Lettuce Cheese Pico de Gallo Guacamole and Sour Cream

Appetizer Menu $15.00/pp (2 pieces per item)

Chips Salsa, Queso and Guacamole Bar
Chicken Mini Chimis
Assorted Empanadas (Chicken, Beef, Veggie) with Avocado Cream
Grilled Teriyaki Steak Skewers
Juan’s Wings with Blue Cheese or Ranch

We’ve also included a few decorating ideas below, courtesy of BuzzFeed that will take your grad party to the next level!

Social Networking

In this era of all things digital, many of your guests will no doubt be tweeting, instagramming, snapchatting, and facebooking pictures of the fun they are having at your gathering. Keep up with everyone’s posts by creating a hashtag that is specific to your party and make it known to everyone via a fun sign. Get the printable HERE


For any graduate, the ultimate sign of completion is the long-awaited diploma. Make this the star motif of your event by sprucing up everything from cookies to silverware to look like a degree. For cookies, simply tie a colored ribbon of your choice around Pirouette cookies for a quick and easy party favor. The same idea applies to the silverware: wrap the utensils diagonally with a white napkin and tie it closed with a ribbon! For more dessert ideas CLICK HERE

Just Ring It

Your graduate may have a sentimental ring from their alma mater, but allow your guests to have a piece of the action by offering “class rings” at your event. This is another party favor idea that is sure to please. Get Ring Pop candies in a variety of flavors and set them out in a decorated display for guests to take with them at the end of the night. A great way to commemorate such a special moment.

Party Punch

What better way to make the evening even more special than by having a themed drink for the party? Make a batch of strawberry lemonade or virgin sangria and name it something special in honor of the graduating seniors. This will be a fun twist on your traditional punch, especially if served at a makeshift “bar” station!

Arc de Triumph

Make your guests and passerby aware of your impending celebration with an arc of balloons at the entrance to the event space! To make it more appropriate for the event, coordinate the balloons to match your graduate’s school colors. Not only will it be a silent announcement of the party, but will also serve as an excellent backdrop for all the photos being taken that day. 

Around the Water Cooler

Ice cream floats are a summertime staple and will make for an unexpected, yet welcome surprise at your graduation party. Buy mason jars from your local thrift or discount store, fill each one with different flavors of ice cream or sherbet, and label the tops of each jar accordingly with a Sharpie. Place the filled jars in a cooler with other beverages and you’ve created a fun, personalized dessert that provides easy clean-up!

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