Coyote Grille: Summer BBQ Catering 101

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Coyote Grille: Summer BBQ Catering 101

July 7th, 2016 by Meghan

Throwing a Summer BBQ Party 101

With the un-official start of summer the 4th of July, in the books, many of us have already started to consider a game plan for the many summer gatherings we seek to host. Of every type of event, backyard barbecues will abound: they rarely require a special occasion other than getting together to enjoy a nice meal with your closest family and friends. This year, Coyote Catering has you covered with the food! Instead of laboring away over a hot stove, let us endure the hard work while you sit back and create beautiful memories with your loved ones. Our menu is laden with summertime favorites like southwest barbecue and coleslaw. With the food taken care of, the only thing left to do is to set the atmosphere: with the right touch, your backyard can become a summertime oasis that all your guests will love! Read on to get tips for your next backyard barbecue.


Pulled Pork (Carnitas) $14.95  Pulled BBQ Brisket $16.95pp

Either option can be served with buns or tortillas.

Menu includes choice of two sides: Southwest Caprese Salad, Street Corn, Southwest Coleslaw or Kicked-Up Potato Salad and an assortment of sweet treats ( brownies, key lime tarts and churros)

Backyard Games (Country Living

In spite of what you may think, backyard games are not just for children. They can in fact be a great ice breaker to introduce new and old guests, provide a pleasant pastime for early arrivals to the barbecue, or can keep the gathering’s momentum after everyone has eaten. Fill a basket with fun group games like croquet, badminton, and Frisbees and place it in a central location to encourage your guests to partake in friendly competition!

Lighting (Country Living)

Aside from food and location, lighting is the most essential piece to any event. For evening barbecues, string lights are a great way to add a warm, intimate glow outside. Either wrap the lights around a solid structure like a porch or create your own display by placing bamboo rods in buckets filled with rocks and string the lights between the rods! 

Place Settings 

There are two concerns your guests may have at your barbecue: 1) Where to sit and 2) How to keep track of their utensils while making their plates. Solve both conundrums by creating place settings! Using a hole puncher, place one hole on the rim of a decorative paper plate and add a napkin and utensils with a loop of twine. Personalize each plate with a name card or with fun calligraphy directly on the plate.


Lawn tables and chairs are a great (and classic) idea for seating a backyard barbecue. To shake things up a bit, create a picture perfect picnic set-up by placing blankets and large pillows on the ground for guests to sit on. Use the aforementioned lighting around the seating area to provide a nice ambiance!

Beverages  (Brit + C0)

While drinks are traditionally organized on a tabletop, get creative at your next gathering by using unconventional vessels to hold bottled drinks or homemade punch. One example would be to fill an old wheelbarrow with ice and stock it with your favorite beer or old fashioned soda. For a special touch that is sure to surprise guests, embrace your inner crafter by creating a dispenser out of a watermelon! Cut off the top and bottom of the watermelon, remove the inside (the fruit can be used in the punch), create a small hole right above the bottom, and add a spigot!

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