Each month, depending on seasonality and availability we feature different items and incorporate them into your favorite Coyote flavors and hopefully create new favorites as well.  Enjoy!


  • Queso Blanco
    White Cheeses, mixed with Cherry Peppers and Mexican Spices.
    Served with Chips.

    Locally Sourced Cheese -Kreider Farms, PA

  • Southwest Tomato Soup
    Homemade tomato soup with southwest spices. Served with a Grilled Cheese Quesadilla.


  • Southwest Barbecue Shrimp
    Eight Jumbo Shrimp tossed on Southwest Barbecue Sauce with Corn, Peppers, Onions. Served with Black Beans, Green Rice, and Three Tortillas.

    Locally Sourced Sweet – Stauffer Huling Farms, PA

  • Anaheim Combo
    Seafood stuffed Anaheim Pepper, Chicken Enchilada topped with Ranchera Sauce and Melted Cheese. Served with Red Rice and Black Beans.


  • Molten Lava Cake
    Served with Ice Cream.


  • Hot Kraken Cider
    Mulled Hot Apple Cider with Kraken Dark Rum
  • Winter Sangria

    Pomegranate juice,  MurLarkey Cinnamon Whiskey & Amaretto infused with spices and white wine.

    Locally Sourced: MurLarkey Distilled Spirits

  • Warm Apple Pie Toddy

    1.5 oz  MurLarkey Cinnamon Whiskey
    3 oz Mulled Apple Cider
    Serve in Irish Coffee Cup and garnish with a Cinnamon Stick
    Add Dani’s House Barrel Aged Cinnamon Apple Tequila to make it a Cinnamon Apple Danish.

    Locally Sourced: MurLarkey Distilled Spirits

  • Old Fashioned Coyote Christmas
    1.5 oz 1800 Anjeo Tequila or Elijah Craig Bourbon
    2 dash Bitters
    Muddle 1 Cherry and Orange Slice
    Splash Cherry Juice
    Fireball Infused Cranberry Garnish
  • Mistletoe Margarita
    1800 Silver Tequila, Triple Sec, mixed with Cranberry and Lime Juices and garnished with Sugared Cranberries