Each month, depending on seasonality and availability we feature different items and incorporate them into your favorite Coyote flavors and hopefully create new favorites as well. This month we are featuring sweet potatoes from C&E Farms in MD, apples from Parker Farms and spirits from MurLarkey Distillery, both here in VA.  Enjoy!


  • Apple Butternut Squash Soup
    Soup topped with Queso Fresco, Diced Apples, Cilantro, and Jalapeno

    Locally Sourced – Parker Farms, VA

  • Coyote Salmon & Quinoa
    Grilled Salmon served over Seasonal Quinoa in a Champagne Vinaigrette with
    Jalapeno Remoulade

    Locally Sourced – Baywater Farms, MD


  • Blackened Cod Tacos
    Two Blackened Cod Tacos with Housemade Coleslaw and Remoulade Sauce. Served with Black Beans and Green Rice

    Locally Sourced Sweet – Stauffer Huling Farms, PA

  • Chicken Mole
    Two Grilled Chicken Breasts topped with Mole Sauce. Served over Garlic
    Mashed Potatoes with Veggies

    Locally Sourced – Bender Farms, VA


  • Sweet Potato Pie
    Topped with Whipped Cream

    Locally Sourced – C&E Farms, VA


  • Rosemary’s Lemonade
    MurLarkey Lemon, Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, and
    Rosemary Simple Syrup

    Locally Sourced – MurLarkey Distillery, VA

  • Son of a Peach
    1800 Infused Tequila with Grilled Peaches, Rosemary Simple Syrup,
    and Ginger Beer
  • Dani’s Barrel Aged Cocktail (limited batch)
    MurLarkey Cinnamon, Dr. McGillicuddy’s Apple Pie,
    Barrel Aged 1800 Tequila

    Locally Sourced – MurLarkey Distillery, VA